Central and South America

There are many distinct Indigenous Peoples across the globe - virtually every continent is home to first peoples. Regionally we have sections that are broken down roughly by continent, and within those sections by country (although in some cases a specific People will cross the borders of specific countries).

Native Peoples' Right to Consultation on Land Use Enshrined in Law

OAS Human Rights Commission Urges Suspension of Mining Activity at Goldcorp's Marlin Mine in Guatemala

Declaration of Indigenous Communities in Chubut, Argentina

Barrick Supported Police Who Carried Out Fiery Evictions in PNG

No entry: Trans-Amazonian highway blockaded in Brazil to protest against Belo Monte dam

Ecuador's Oil-Waste Victims Share Solidarity

Amazon Indigenous Leaders Bringing Lessons for Coping With Oil Disasters to Native Residents of U.S. Gulf Coast

Supreme Court Affirms Maya Customary Rights For All Maya Communities In Southern Belize

Peru's President Garcia Widely Criticized for Refusing to Sign Indigenous Rights Legislation into Law

An Environmental Disaster We CAN Avoid: Canadian Mining in Guatemala

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