Central Asia

There are many distinct Indigenous Peoples across the globe - virtually every continent is home to first peoples. Regionally we have sections that are broken down roughly by continent, and within those sections by country (although in some cases a specific People will cross the borders of specific countries).

Putin Petitioned to Kill Plans for Siberian Hydropower Station

The Anchorage Declaration

United Nations Special Rapporteur On Indigenous People Arrives In Krasnoyarsk Territory, Russia

Peruvian Congress unanimously passes Indigenous consultation law

'Greenest ever' Olympics claims dismissed as corporate spin

China Plans to End Nomadic Life

Complaint seeks resettlement and just compensation from royal Dutch Shell and UK banks for damage caused by Sakhalin II Oil and

World Bank and Others Poised to Invest in Rio Tinto’s Flawed Mongolian Mining Project

Is Rio Tinto managing herders in “Oyu Tolgoi City” in the South Gobi region of Mongolia?

Mining Saps a Thirsty Desert

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