Central and South America

There are many distinct Indigenous Peoples across the globe - virtually every continent is home to first peoples. Regionally we have sections that are broken down roughly by continent, and within those sections by country (although in some cases a specific People will cross the borders of specific countries).

Goldcorp staff face criminal charges over mine pollution after CAFOD investigation

Court Orders Peru To Consult Indigenous Peoples On Mining, Oil Projects

Clash Over Peru Irrigation Project Kills One

Goldcorp in Guatemala: Despite the Despites, the struggle for human rights and the environment continues

Cochabamba Proposals Will be Brought to Cancun

Wayuu women in Colombia ask UN Permanent Forum to act

Letter to Simon Fraser University Concerning Goldcorp Inc's $10,000,000 "Gift"

Updated Human Rights Complaint to the Canadian Government Concerning Nickel Mining in Guatemala

Inter-American Commission on Human Rights Agrees to Hear Case of Indigenous Peoples in Raposa Serra do Sol, Brazil

BP Sued in Ecuador for Violating the Rights of Nature

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