Central and South America

There are many distinct Indigenous Peoples across the globe - virtually every continent is home to first peoples. Regionally we have sections that are broken down roughly by continent, and within those sections by country (although in some cases a specific People will cross the borders of specific countries).

The Anchorage Declaration

Civil society organizations call for a new mining law

CAFOD and Canada's Development & Peace demand action from mining giant Goldcorp as villagers fear gold mine is poisoning people

Indigenous Lands Plundered in Oil and Gas Rush

Goldcorp's performance tarnished by accusations in Central America at AGM

Amazonian Indigenous Protest Provokes Peruvian Government Reprisals

Tribes keep Peru police hostage after Amazon fights

'We are fighting for our lives and our dignity'

After worst violence in 10 years, Peru's Congress suspends controversial land decrees

Freeport Investors Voice Environmental Fears Over Goldmine

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