Indigenous Peoples Links (PIPLinks) exists to uphold and promote the collective and individual human rights of Indigenous Peoples and other land-based communities. PIPLinks was founded in the United Kingdom in 1992, originally as Philippine Indigenous Peoples Links, in response to requests for support from Philippine Indigenous Peoples' organisations, where much of our work is focussed.

This website is divided between materials on Indigenous Peoples around the world in the Philippines. These materials are divided under specific subject headings - such as those to do with the legal rights or culture of Indigenous Peoples - or geographically. Although the site contains many published materials available elsewhere, and links to other sites, we are aiming where possible to publish unique materials, such as statements from communities or interviews, that are not available elsewhere. The site can be searched here.

We welcome inquiries, comments on this site and invitations to speak. We are always in need of active supporters, donations, volunteers and friends of all kinds. Please contact us for more information.

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