Indigenous People's Rights Act (IPRA)

TVI faces tribal justice

Indigenous Peoples Links (PIPLinks) Press Release - No embargo
Date of publication: 
29 May, 2008

Indigenous Peoples Links (PIPLinks) Press Release

Tribal justice has been served upon the Canadian mining company TVI Pacific in the Southern Philippines. The company which has operated a gold mine under its Philippine subsidiary TVIRD on the land of the Subanon people at Mount Canatuan[i], has been found guilty of various crimes by the “Gukom” (the traditional justice authority of the Subanon of the Seven Rivers in the Zamboanga Peninsula) [ii].

Subanon tribe pushes ancestral domain claims

Date of publication: 
1 December, 2007

ZAMBOANGA CITY -– Traditional leaders of the
Subanon tribe in Zamboanga Peninsula issued a statement Friday
reiterating their appeal to concerned government agencies “to respect
their legitimate claims of ancestral domain in this region.”

In an assembly Friday at the Ateneo de Zamboanga University here, 35
of these tribal leaders also slammed what they called government
“discrimination” against the rights of Subanons in the peninsula.

The tribal conference dubbed “Glumpuk Nog Kobogolalanan Sog Pigsungan
Nog Nawan (Assembly of Tribal Traditional Leaders of Zamboanga

Subanons Swarmed Government Agency for Indigenous Peoples

Date of publication: 
19 November, 2007

More than a hundred Subanon leaders from all over the Zamboanga Peninsula swamped the regional office of the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP) in Pagadian City this morning to assail the government agency for turning its back against the indigenous peoples that it is mandated to protect.

Demands to “Scrap the Mining Act” Continue to Reverberate through the Zamboangan Peninsula

-Written by Maryanne Mutch of DCMI
Date of publication: 
7 March, 2005

Dipolog City, Philippines – Zamboangan residents remain strongly
opposed to foreign miners despite Government claims that the
Philippine Mining Sector is now “Open for Business”. From February 20 to 21, 2005, the Rural Missionaries of the Philippines-Western Mindanao sponsored a “Zamboangan Peninsula Wide Discussion Against Mining” in Dipolog City. During the forum, delegates from mining-affected communities clearly voiced their opposition to RA 7942 (commonly known as the Mining Act) and strategized ways to protect their communities from its harmful ramifications.

Agency rushing titling of ancestral lands

Business World - Vol. XXI, No. 76 -
Date of publication: 
13 November, 2007

KORONADAL CITY — The National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP) is
fast-tracking the titling of ancestral domain claims in Central Mindanao
region to keep up with developments in the Mindanao peace process, a
ranking official said.

Jeanne Anne Zoilo, NCIP regional director, said there are at least
395,656 hectares of land that are being processed in the region for
conversion to Certificate of Ancestral Domain Titles from Certificate of
Ancestral Domain Claims.

Central Mindanao has been considered a bailiwick of the Moro Islamic

MILF urges IPs to think out of IPRA

Date of publication: 
28 October, 2007

The Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) has reiterated its call to
members of the Indigenous peoples in Mindanao to conduct their struggle
outside of the framework of the Indigenous People’s Republic Act (IPRA),
which it describes as clearly pro-mining and pro-logging that could
ultimately deprive them of their remaining ancestral lands in Mindanao .
Jun Mantawil, head of the MILF peace panel Secretariat, told Luwaran
that it is not too late for the indigenous tribes to wake up and
conclude that their future with their ancestral domain and ancestral

The war of Bae Bibiyaon Likayan Bigkay

By Jeffrey M. Tupas, Inquirer
Date of publication: 
28 October, 2007

DAVAO CITY, Philippines—She riffled through the pages of the Inquirer,
her hand steady and careful, and hurriedly flipped back to the front
page and stared at the photos.

Bae Bibiyaon Likayan Bigkay recognized the images: the man was “Pek’yeo”
while the woman between two Indian officials was “Ori’yeo.”

Slowly chewing a betel nut—traces of being a longtime partner evident in
her lips—the Ata-Manobo chieftain from the hinterlands of Bukidnon said
she admired Pek’yeo because the man fought well. Pek’yeo is Filipino

Tribes warn buying spree of mineral ores in Caraga Region lead to environmental catastrophe

By Ben Serrano, PNA -
Date of publication: 
12 November, 2007

BUTUAN CITY — Umbrella organizations under the federated Tribal
Coalition in Mindanao or TRICOM warned the government that buying spree
of Chinese traders from mainland China will lead to environmental
disaster if concerned government agencies continue sleeping on their jobs.

Aside from sponsoring application of large-scale mining permits, some
Chinese traders since last year come in hordes and visit different small
scale mining sites in the region in buying spree of copper, nickel,
manganese and other mineral ores to as low as P6.00 per kilo.

Gov’t urged to act on foreigners’ raid of RP’s minerals

Tribune -
Date of publication: 
12 November, 2007

Tribal groups have called on the government to act and address the
alleged raids of the mineral ores obtained in the Caraga Region in the
South by foreigners, warning that allowing such activities to go
unabated may lead to the depletion of the natural reserves and cause an
environmental disaster.

According to the umbrella organizations which united under the federated
Tribal Coalition in Mindanao (Tricom), aside from sponsoring
applications for large-scale mining activities in the region, a number
of foreigners, mostly Chinese traders from mainland China have been