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Spate of rights violations across mining-affected areas in PH on the rise

Kalikasan-PNE press release

28 August 2013

Environment and justice groups decried today the rising number of human rights violations (HRVs) towards anti-mining activists, in light of recent reports of serial murders of indigenous people opposed to Xstrata-SMI’s 23,571-hectare Tampakan gold-copper mine in Southern Mindanao and disappearance of an anti-mining activist opposed to Royalco’s mine exploration project in Nueva Vizcaya.

“Rights violations towards anti-mining activists are clearly on the rise again with the latest murder of Blaan chieftain Anting Freay and his son Victor

Anti-mining activist from N. Vizcaya missing

Date of publication: 
25 August, 2013

A known anti-mining activist has been missing since August 21. The victim was last seen being forced into a police patrol car but authorities denied having custody of him.

MANILA – Amid increased police and military visibility in parts of Nueva Vizcaya where locals are resisting the mining operation of Australian Royalco in the Philippines, an anti-mining activist went missing after he was “arrested” and forced to board a police patrol car by at least six policemen.

Bryan Epa, 34, a member of Katribu party list, was “arrested” at around 9 p.m.

People's anti mining barricades scorned, intensifying militarization exposes protectors of mining companies

Alliance of Upland Baranggays for Sustainable Development (AUBD) Press Release
Date of publication: 
24 August, 2013

“Why do the military keep on insisting that the reasons why we are so determined to stop the foreign mining companies are the NPA who are pushing us to do so? Don’t we, lowly people also have the right to unite to protect our lands, the source of our livelihood from destructive forces?

Black-ore gold rush scars Philippine coasts

by Cecil Morella, Agence France-Presse -
Date of publication: 
24 July, 2013

CAOAYAN – Catholic priest Sammy Rosimo followed truck tread marks to a coastal mine in the northern Philippines, where a stockpile of fine black sand presided over scenes of a desert apocalypse.

Instead of tall, brush-covered sand dunes that have for centuries protected the small farming town of Caoayan from the powerful waters of the South China Sea, trenches cut through barren beaches.

“This is the death sentence of the people of Caoayan,” said Rosimo, a local priest, as he accompanied AFP to the recently abandoned mine.

“The dunes are the natural barrier to the salt water, like a s

Oceana Gold Mining Served Closure, More of People's Barricades Call for Finality

ALMUSEGAM press release
Date of publication: 
16 July, 2013

A week after Mayor Chito Bumolo of Kasibu, Nueva Vizcaya held a press conference regarding Oceana Gold Mining Company’s failures to comply with the local government’s requirements and forged agreements, a closure order was served. In the press conference held last July 5, 2013 the mayor said that Oceana Gold Mining failed the Local Government in three instances namely: 1.Failure to seek and renew its business permit, and baranggay clearance including the failure to pay local taxes 2.

Support for anti-mining barricade in N. Vizcaya swells as court issues TRO

Date of publication: 
26 June, 2013

“The solid support showed by the church people, farmers and professionals shows the anti-mining sentiments of the people of Nueva Vizcaya.”

MANILA –Church leaders and bikers in Nueva Vizcaya add to the local supporters of Nueva Vizcaya residents who built barricades against the entry of Australian mining firm Royalco.

The province’s upland residents have reportedly voted to reject Royalco’s copper mining venture in their area, citing the destruction it threatens to bring to their water sources, farms and communities.But the government still gave Royalco mining permits.So th

Clergy Group Declares Solidarity with Barricading Anti miners, Calls for Unity!

SAMANA-NV press release
Date of publication: 
24 June, 2013

The Clergy of the Diocese of Bayombong of the Roman Catholic Church read on Sunday at the pulpits the Statement of Solidarity of the Clergy together with the Bishop Ramon B. Villena regarding anti mining in the province and the ongoing barricades in the towns of Kasibu and Dupax Del Norte against Royalco Resources Ltd. The group reiterates their strong opposition to mining including the mining explorations being done in the province specifically in the two upland municipalities of Nueva Vizcaya as well as in the province of Quirino.

Anti-Mining Barricades Threatened, Novo Vizcayanos Unfazed

Press release
Date of publication: 
16 June, 2013

With the filling of Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) by the Royalco Philippines, Inc.

Killings and human rights violations in mining-affected areas continue

Kalikasan PNE press release
Date of publication: 
8 January, 2013

Environmental groups reported today the mining-related killing of a barangay official and tanod that were allegedly kept silent from the public last December 29, 2012 by a mining company in Kasibu, Nueva Vizcaya.

Brgy. Didipio councilor Gerry Linagga and Valentino Wanaton were responding to a suspected illegal entry into the home of Marivic Ude-e, an employee of large-scale mining company Oceana Copper-Gold Philippines Inc. (OCGPI).

Spider’s web

By Stella A. Estremera
Date of publication: 
19 December, 2012

PHOTOS of the bulldozer threatening people in Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya as Australian FCD Minerals Inc. is said to be clearing the land, the burial place of the indigenous people included, is spreading through social media.

We’re not surprised. For how can mining operate if it doesn’t clear land? But that is never explained to the people who have rights over it. What will be underlined will be the royalties and employment opportunities. They will not even say that the poor people have to finish college in order to be employed.