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Philippines: Paramilitaries Attack Tribal Villages, Schools

Human Rights Watch Statement -
Date of publication: 
23 September, 2015

Military Supporting Abusive Forces in Mindanao

(Manila) – The Philippine military has repeatedly stood aside while paramilitary forces have attacked indigenous villages and schools in the southern region of Mindanao, Human Rights Watch said today.

Philippines: UN experts urge probe into killings of three Indigenous peoples’ rights defenders

Date of publication: 
22 September, 2015

GENEVA – The United Nations Special Rapporteurs on the rights of indigenous peoples, Victoria Tauli-Corpuz, and on the situation of human rights defenders, Michel Forst, today called on the Philippines Government to launch a full and independent investigation into the killings of three human rights defenders in Surigao del Sur, Mindanao, which is currently affected by armed conflicts.

One of the human rights defenders killed was the director of the Alternative Learning Center for Agriculture and Development (ALCADEV), a school providing education to indigenous youth who live in the mo

Lumad killings and counterinsurgency

Carol Pagaduan-Araullo, Streetwise -
Date of publication: 
20 September, 2015

Today, Sept. 21, we commemorate the anniversary of the Dictator Marcos’ declaration of martial law and say “Never again!” This constitutes our collective denunciation of the evils spawned by 14 years of the brutally repressive, thieving and lying US-backed Marcos dictatorship.

Lumads hold dialogue with UN experts, rallies support against ongoing militarization, killings in communities

IPMSDL Secretariat statement
Date of publication: 
20 September, 2015

Manila, Philippines—Indigenous Peoples organizations facilitated a dialogue with United Nations Special Rapporteur (SR) on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Vicky Tauli-Corpuz last 16 September 2015 on the recent spate of Lumad killings in Mindanao. Edtami Mansayagan, a Lumad himself and a member of the UN Expert Mechanism on the Rights of the Indigenous Peoples (EMRIP) was also present in the dialogue.

Addressing Lumad killings and internally displaced people

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9 September, 2015

Rappler talks to Vicky Tauli-Corpuz, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, on how to deal with the alleged human rights violations committed against the Lumad

MANILA, Philippines – Thirteen-year old Lumad Shin Campos saw her father shot in the head twice, allegedly by military and paramilitary elements, on September 1 near their village in Lianga town in Surigao del Sur.

Helpless and traumatized, Shin fled her village with her family and hundreds of other indigenous peoples, trekking for two hours to bring her dead father and another victim to t

Philippines: Five Manobo massacred by 1st Special Forces Battalion

Date of publication: 
30 August, 2015

Appeal for Action: Five Manobo massacred by 1st Special Forces Battalion

UA Date: August 30, 2015

UA Case: Massacre/Extrajudicial Killing, Frustrated Killing, Use of Civilian in Police and/or Military Operations as Guides and/or Shield, Use of Schools, Medical, Religious and other Public Places for Military Purpose, Endangerment of Civilians

Victim/s :

Massacre: Emer Somina – Male, 17years old – Manobo

Welmer Somina – Male, 19 years old – Manobo farmer

Norman Samia – Male, 14 years old – Manobo

Herminio Samia – Male, 70 years old – Manobo farmer

Jobert Samia

Philippine Army Killed Indigenous Peoples not Armed Rebels

Date of publication: 
24 August, 2015

1st Special Forces Killed Lumads not NPAs

On Aug. 18, 2015 it was reported that army troopers belonging to the 1st Special Forces battalion killed five individuals whom they presented as members of the revolutionary group – the new people’s army – following a raid at, Brgy.

Urgent Action: Call for the immediate pull-out of military troops from Mindanao

KARAPATAN Human Rights Update
Date of publication: 
26 June, 2015

Urgent Action : Call for the immediate pull-out of military troops from the communities of peasants and indigenous peoples in Mindanao

Dear friends,

Please join us in our call for the immediate pull-out of AFP troops from the communities of peasants and indigenous peoples in Mindanao. There are at least three groups of evacuees from the provinces of Saranggani, Bukidnon and Davao del Norte.

Indigenous Ritual for Peace in Mindanao

Timuay Justice and Governance statement
Date of publication: 
22 March, 2015

(Tulak Fantag Kétanék [in Téduray])

The Indigenous Peoples of Mindanao and the Philippines have similar beliefs and systems of worshiping the Divine Creator. This worship and belief systems of the IPs are connected to nature and is not religion. It is for this reason that Indigenous Peoples have a strong connection to the environment – they know that the environment is their life and their place of worship.

The Indigenous Peoples believe that in times of crisis, the Divine Creator must be called upon; for He is the Creator of all beings – living or non-living.

Mindanao folks troop to Makati to warn mining companies: ‘Get out of Mindanao now’

Kalikasan PNE press release
Date of publication: 
25 November, 2014

Anti-mining activists, environmental advocates and indigenous peoples from Mindanao held protest actions in front of the Makati offices of mining corporations responsible for environmental destruction and rampant human rights violations in the country’s southern region, namely the Filipino-Malaysia-owned Apex Mining, Canada-owned Toronto Venutres Inc (TVI), and Swiss-owned Glencore.

“This is a warning to these companies: get out now. The people of Mindanao are raging and our resistance grows stronger every day.