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There are many distinct peoples living across the many islands of the Philippines. We have chosen to break the regional section of the site down via administrative region, as opposed to via specific tribe or people, in numerical order of those regions (leaving out the National Capital Region), as this may make it more precise in locating information.

Indigenous peoples: Saving Earth with smaller footprints

Marilou Guieb / Correspondent -
Date of publication: 
30 August, 2010

Baguio city—The world has long marveled at the Ifugao Rice Terraces as the Eighth Wonder of the World.

Little known is the story of its people who turned their harsh environment into a life-sustaining ecosystem and a magnificent landscape sometimes called “the stairway to heaven of giants.”

With crude tools they carved the mountainsides into wide terraces, and working with the principle of gravity, they planted trees on every mountaintop from where springs gushed forth and trickled down to the last terrace through an intricate dike system.

Groups from Northern Luzon hold protest against mining corporations

Date of publication: 
1 March, 2012

Some 300 members of anti-irresponsible mining groups and residents from various provinces in Northern Luzon held a rally in front of the offices of well-know mining corporations in Manila earlier this week in protest against what they said are the countless rights violations these companies have been perpetuating as they implement their mining projects.

Northern Luzon is composed of the Cagayan Valley, Ilocos and Cordillera regions where famous man-made and natural wonders can be found such as the Baguio rice terraces.

SC urged to stop Altamina’s black sand mining in Ilocos, Pangasinan

Date of publication: 
4 May, 2012

LAWMAKERS HAVE asked the Supreme Court to stop the mining activities of Altamina Exploration and Resources, Inc. in the coastal areas of Ilocos Sur, Ilocos Norte and Pangasinan in a filing that also implicates President Benigno S.C.

Court issues writ vs magnetite mining in Ilocos

Date of publication: 
15 May, 2012

THE SUPREME COURT (SC) has issued a writ of kalikasan (nature) directing mining firm Altamina Exploration and Resources, Inc., President Benigno S. C. Aquino III, and two others to reply to the petition filed by several lawmakers and local government officials seeking to stop the firm’s mining activities in Pangasinan, Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte.

Promulgated by the full court on May 8, the writ ordered respondents Altamina; Mr. Aquino, as successor of former president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo; Executive Secretary Paquito N. Ochoa, Jr., as successor of Leandro R.

Black-ore gold rush scars Philippine coasts

by Cecil Morella, Agence France-Presse -
Date of publication: 
24 July, 2013

CAOAYAN – Catholic priest Sammy Rosimo followed truck tread marks to a coastal mine in the northern Philippines, where a stockpile of fine black sand presided over scenes of a desert apocalypse.

Instead of tall, brush-covered sand dunes that have for centuries protected the small farming town of Caoayan from the powerful waters of the South China Sea, trenches cut through barren beaches.

“This is the death sentence of the people of Caoayan,” said Rosimo, a local priest, as he accompanied AFP to the recently abandoned mine.

“The dunes are the natural barrier to the salt water, like a s

For indigenous voices in land use, a seat at the table isn’t necessarily enough

BY Kate Evans -
Date of publication: 
20 January, 2015

Formalizing indigenous people’s participation in protected area management is not enough to ensure they can actually defend their interests against more powerful actors, a new study has found.

If participation is to meaningfully include marginalized groups, we must examine how it happens on the ground, says the paper’s lead author, Tessa Minter, a post-doctoral researcher from Leiden University and the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR).

That’s exactly what Minter and colleagues did, studying how a group of indigenous people in a Philippines protected area partici

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