Philippine education department publishes revised edition of "Understanding the Lumad"

Date of publication: 
1 July, 2014

Understanding the Lumad (Revised Edition)

The Philippine Department of Education, with the permission of Tebtebba and Silingang Dapit sa Sidlakang Mindanao (SILDAP-SE), has published the revised edition of “Understanding the Lumad.” The education department, through its Indigenous Peoples Education Office (IPsEO), decided to publish this “to make it more widely available to…public school teachers in Mindanao and others who are working with indigenous peoples in various education programs.”

“The Department of Education (DepED) has earlier adopted the National Indigenous Peoples Education Policy Framework (DepED Order No. 62, s. 2011 or “DO62”) as a response to the long-standing call of indigenous communities for reforms in the education system that would make it capable of valuing and nurturing culturally rooted education…”

Tebtebba Foundation and Sildap-SE published the book in 2011 to help popularize the issues and situations of indigenous peoples in Mindanao, southern Philippines, who are called Lumad. The idea for the book was first broached by Fr. Frank Nally of the Columban Fathers who approached Tebtebba. Tebtebba and Sildap-SE then partnered together to undertake the research. One value of the book was that Lumad researchers were the ones who researched and wrote the various stories.

Understanding the Lumad is our humble contribution to efforts that surface the Lumad’s voices. Only when we have a genuine understanding of who the Lumad are, can we begin the process of tearing down the walls of prejudice, ignorance and discrimination that have oppressed the Lumad and denied them of their rights for so long.

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