Forests and Logging

Indigenous Peoples in the Philippines face a range of threats from what they frequently describe as 'development aggression'. As they struggle to defend their land, much of it is in areas of forest or mountain that are rich in natural resources and so conflicts often arise with companies, many of them based outside the Philippines, who want to exploit those resources - mostly without the consent of the Indigenous Peoples.

The main problems that Indigenous Peoples face are from large-scale mining that digs up their land, in the construction of large-scale dams that floods their land, in widespread logging that deforests their land, or in the creation of nature reserves or agriculture that sees them ejected from or restricted in access to their own land.

All of these activities can lead to conflict which leads to militarisation of their land, and in loss of livelihood or encroachment of settlements which can lead urbanisation.

Priest hits ‘destruction’ of Sierra Madre

Date of publication: 
30 September, 2015

BULACAN – A Catholic priest has minced no words in blaming developers for the alleged destruction of Sierra Madre, exhorting the government and the public to do what they can to conserve, protect, and restore the little that remains of the mountain range.

“We call on the government to stand up against those who are blinded by greed and do not see the Sierra Madre Mountain as a mother who also needs to be nourished,” said Fr.

Lumad killings and counterinsurgency

Carol Pagaduan-Araullo, Streetwise -
Date of publication: 
20 September, 2015

Today, Sept. 21, we commemorate the anniversary of the Dictator Marcos’ declaration of martial law and say “Never again!” This constitutes our collective denunciation of the evils spawned by 14 years of the brutally repressive, thieving and lying US-backed Marcos dictatorship.

Missionary’s fear: More IP rights violations without gov’t action

CBCP News -
Date of publication: 
3 September, 2015

NORZAGARAY, Bulacan – A Catholic religious doing mission work among the Dumagats of Sierra Madre has denounced the recent killing of three civilians, including the head of a local Lumad school, in Surigao del Sur by alleged members of paramilitary group “Magahat,” fearing like incidents can happen to other IP communities in the country if the government remains blind to their plight.

Justice now

“Government authorities must do all they can so that victims of the crime get the justice they deserve.

Lumad, rights groups mount fact-finding mission on disappearance of Manobo activist

By Dennis Arcon,
Date of publication: 
21 May, 2015

COTABATO CITY, Philippines — Indigenous peoples’ and human rights groups have mounted a fact-finding mission to investigate the disappearance of a Manobo activist who was last seen in the company of militiamen guarding a private firm’s compound in the hinterlands of Lebak town, Sultant Kudarat.

Jerom Succor Aba, spokesman of Kawagib, or the Alliance for the Advancement of Moro Human Rights and one of the organizers, said the fact-finding mission began Wednesday and will end on Friday in Sitio Salabantaran, Barangay Salansang where John Calaba, 28, the missing public information off

Killing of environmentalists dramatically rises; indigenous communities hardest hit

By: Imelda V. Abano, -
Date of publication: 
22 April, 2015

The Philippines leads countries in Asia with the highest number of people killed as they defend their land and protect the environment in the face of increased competition over natural resources, a new report from the London-based Global Witness group which reports on links between environmental exploitation and human rights abuses.

Killings worldwide have risen by 20 percent in the last year on disputes over hydropower projects, mining, agribusiness and logging — the key drivers of deaths where a shocking 40 percent of victims were indigenous peoples.

In the Philippines alone, from 200

Advocacy group lashes out against palm oil expansion on Philippine island

Shaira Panela, correspondent, Global Forest Reporting Network -
Date of publication: 
23 December, 2014

This is the first part in a two-part series examining the planned expansion of palm oil production on the island of Palawan.

In June, the Philippine Department of Environment and Natural Resources Secretary Ramon Paje announced the country intends to convert eight million hectares of land to oil palm cultivation in Palawan, Philippines. The announcement has proved controversial.

Peasants, urban poor, indigenous peoples from Mindanao arrive in Manila to call for social justice

Date of publication: 
21 November, 2014

They walked all the way from the southern island of Mindanao to bring to the public’s attention the gross human rights violations being committed in the different regions.

MANILA – The “Lakbayanis” from Mindanao have finally arrived in Metro Manila after nearly a week of travel by foot and by caravan.

Some 800 peasant, indigenous peoples and urban poor – the participants of the Manilakbayan ng Mindanao 2014 – arrived in the evening of Nov. 21 in Alabang, Muntinlupa. They would join a series of protest actions leading to Dec.

‘Ruthless legacy’ - 7 activists killed in August

By Janess Ann J. Ellao, -
Date of publication: 
3 September, 2014

“There is no let-up in extrajudicial killings with BS Aquino’s Oplan Bayanihan.” – Karapatan

MANILA – There were almost two activists killed every week for the month of August, human rights and indigenous peoples group said. The suspected perpetrators were soldiers, paramilitary groups, death squads and an official of a palm oil company.

“There is no let-up in extrajudicial killings with BS Aquino’s Oplan Bayanihan.

UP forest advocates harassed, barred from tree planting in mining-affected area by mining security

Task Force-Justice for Environmental Defenders Press Release
Date of publication: 
4 June, 2014

‘Reforestation not allowed here,’ police said to environmentalists

Environmental advocates condemned today the security forces of a mining corporation in Nueva Vizcaya province for harassing students and professors from the University of the Philippines (UP) trekking to the mining-affected community of Sitio Bit-ang, Barangay Runruno.

“Forest advocates from UP who were on a tree-planting activity in Barangay Runruno were harassed by heavily armed security personnel of FCF Minerals Corporation and local policemen.

Mindanao natural resources, protectors under siege

Date of publication: 
25 May, 2014

First of two parts

Kalikasan People’s Network for the Environment (Kalikasan PNE) warned that the largely undocumented biodiversity in Pantaron Range might disappear, along with the indigenous knowledge of the Talaingod Manobos who have protected the forests of the mountain range over the past decades, if they continue to be driven out of their ancestral domain as a result of massive troop deployment and military operations of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP).

MANILA – This is a familiar story by now – once upon a time, the Philippines had an extensive forest cover.

Local knowledge on biodiversity in Pantaron Range might vanish along with flora and fauna

Kalikasan PNE / KAMP statement
Date of publication: 
18 May, 2014

The Kalikasan People’s Network for the Environment (Kalikasan PNE) warned that the largely undocumented biodiversity in Pantaron Range might disappear, along with the indigenous knowledge of the Talaingod Manobos that have protected the forests of the mountain range over the past decades, if the displacement of the indigenous Lumad communities caused by the militarization of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) persists.

This was among the major conclusions of the environmental group during their participation in a National Solidarity Mission (NSM) organized by national and local peo

Solidarity for the Manobo people’s struggle for the protection of land rights, self-determination, and the environment

Kalikasan PNE / Karapatan / KAMP Joint appeal
Date of publication: 
11 May, 2014

Dear fellow advocates:

The Pantaron Range is a mountainous area that contains one of the last remaining primary forests in Mindanao, a part of our few remaining biodiversity corridors, and is a critical watershed for major river systems such as the Pulangi, Lasang and Davao rivers.

Philippine biodiversity faces dire threats

Roxana Isabel Duerr, Deutsche-Welle – Global Ideas -
Date of publication: 
17 December, 2013

The incessant exploitation of natural resources in the Philippines is crippling the country’s rainforest and biodiversity as well as robbing indigenous people of their livelihoods.

The Philippines are part of the so-called “megadiversity regions,“ a group of 17 countries home to a significant proportion of the world’s biodiversity

Considered to be protectors of nature and the environment, the dryad or tree nymph “Diwata” is worshipped as a God-like creature in some regions of the Philippines.

Indigenous People Struggle for Their Rights

by Fr. Shay Cullen, PREDA Foundation
Date of publication: 
22 October, 2013

The leader of the community of the Aeta indigenous people proudly led me around the hillside resettlement community where the 200 or so families were establishing a new village community. Their ancestral village and lands were wiped out in a torrential typhoon and gigantic floods. My mission, helped by the German Church agency Misereor, was to help them resettle and develop basic organic agriculture, coffee, coconut, and mangos.

As I walked the hillside, I passed dozens of small grass-roofed huts with walls of bamboo matting.

Surigao Sur environmentalist fears for life; says mining, logging and politics behind threats

By Roel Catoto -
Date of publication: 
19 July, 2013

SURIGAO CITY—“My life is now becoming harder,” said Chito Trillanes, who for two months now has been hiding in different safe houses afraid that he would be killed.

Trillanes is the spokesperson of the Social Action Center (SAC) in the Vicariate of Carrascal-Cantilan-Madrid-Carmen-Lanuza and Parang Zone (CarCanMadCarLanPar) in Surigao del Sur.

As the SAC spokesperson, he’s been leading the campaign against destructive mining and logging in their area.

Respecting Indigenous Peoples' Sacred Sites

Tebtebba E-Newsletter
Date of publication: 
28 January, 2013

COMPOSTELA VALLEY, Philippines, 28 January (Tebtebba Indigenous Information Service)—Owing to his close affinity with the spirit world, his ancestors, his ancestral domain and Mother Nature, Datu Doming Tumaytay is adept in identifying medicinal and other important plants he has been familiar with since childhood. The tribal chief from Sto.

The brave non-violence of the Subaanen people

Fr. Shay Cullen, Fr. Shay's columns are published in The Manila Times, in publications in Ireland, the UK & Hong Kong
Date of publication: 
6 July, 2012

Some thousands of indigenous people all over the Philippines, especially in Mindanao, especially the Subaanen people, on the Zamboanga Peninsula have struggle for years to stop mining corporations from moving in to explore and mine the mountains and hills. They are victims of corrupt government officials and even judges who are captivated by the vested interest of the mining industry.

Some Indigenous people are sadly being forced to turn to armed resistance as the mining corporations move into their lands.

Another environmental activist assassinated!

Kalikasan PNE Press release
Date of publication: 
4 July, 2012

A Dutch environmental advocate based in the Philippines was killed this afternoon in front of his office in Sto. Domingo, Angeles City Pampanga. Willem Geertman is the executive director of Alay Bayan Inc. (ABI), a non-government organization that works on community-based and development-oriented responses in addressing the vulnerabilities stemming from poverty, powerlessness, environmental degradation and political abuse.

Illegal loggers, miners target Manobos’ ancestral land

Zaff Solmerin -
Date of publication: 
1 July, 2012

THE Anti-Illegal Logging Task Force (AILTF) on Sunday said President Aquino was privy since May 2012 about the conspiracy of environmental plunderers and some people in government to implement logging and mining activities in the Manobo tribe’s 51,000-hectare ancestral home in Barangay Kasapa, Lapaz, Agusan del Sur where the Manobo Agroforestation Complex is located.

In its May 2012 report to Mr.

Hope for indigenous peoples

Ka Iking Seneres,
Date of publication: 
29 March, 2012

It’s good to have ancestral domains for indigenous peoples (IPs), but let us be aware of the fact that not all indigenous tribes have their own ancestral domains.

WWF launches book on Palawan indigenous group

Date of publication: 
19 March, 2012

MANILA, Philippines – The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Philippines on Thursday launched a book on the conservation strategies for nature of an indigenous group in Northern Palawan.

“The Tagbanua of Malampaya Sound” chronicles the lives of the Tagbanua indigenous people and their stewardship efforts to preserve the natural beauty of Malampaya Sound.

Noting the thousand-year pristine state of the Tagbanua’s forests, rivers and coasts, author Dr.

Mining share to GDP in past decade “very modest,” MGB stats reveal

Stsatements, ABS-CBN et al
Date of publication: 
5 March, 2012

‘Mining a social justice issue’

By Christian S. Monsod –

3 March 2012

The mineral wealth of our country, as the mining industry reminds us, is “staggering” – about $840 billion. Its potential to contribute to our country’s development cannot be discounted. While mining has never been a driver of our development, not even during the mining boom of the seventies, we are here to find out if there is a way to realize that potential.

‘Broken record’: Tribe appeals for stop to logging

By Delfin T. Mallari Jr., Inquirer Southern Luzon -
Date of publication: 
21 January, 2012

LUCENA CITY—A tribe calling Sierra Madre its home is calling on President Benigno Aquino to heed calls for his administration to clamp down on logging in the mountain range and stop its destruction.

“We never waver in our belief that President Aquino will respect the indigenous peoples’ right to self-determination,” said Ramcy Astoveza, head of the Agta tribe in Sierra Madre.

“We’re now reiterating our appeal to him to protect Sierra Madre, to ensure the bright future of our tribe,” he said.

He said while the law mandates the consent of tribal people as a prerequisite to

Lawmaker, activists blamed unbridled logging, mining in Mindanao pre-Xmas tragedy

By Gerry Albert Corpuz and Franklin Roosevelt Dimaguiba -
Date of publication: 
17 December, 2011

MANILA, Philippines – A member of the Philippine parliament and an activist fisherfolk federation on Sunday blamed the unbridled large-scale mining and logging activities in Northern Mindanao region behind the pre-Christmas environmental tragedy that sent scores of ordinary people killed and hundreds missing.

Despite, President Benigno Simeon Aquino III order last February to halt all logging and mining operations in the region, local government officials closed to Malacanang, big mining and logging firms and their protectors in the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) were very enterprisi

Respect our rights to land and life, indigenous peoples asked on World IP Day

Date of publication: 
12 August, 2011

MANILA – “We’re not asking for money, we’re just bringing to the attention of the Aquino government our pleas—that they stop those who try to deceive us and dig up and destroy our lands. We have nowhere else to go to.

IP group, supporters call for congressional inquiry into killings of lumad leaders

Date of publication: 
2 August, 2011

CAGAYAN DE ORO City, —The leaders of an indigenous peoples group and a representative of an alternative legal group fighting for the protection of the rights of marginalized people in Mindanao has called for a congressional inquiry into the unsolved murders of lumad leaders in Southern Philippines.

Lawyer Jarley D.

Carbon credits a threat to indigenous peoples?

Date of publication: 
29 July, 2011

Indigenous peoples and their support groups are quite upbeat about reforms in the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples.

They look forward to the genuine and implementation of the Indigenous Peoples’ Rights Act, particularly the provisions on Free, Prior and Informed Consent to any matter that affect their lives and communities.

However, “a new threat in the horizon looms,” according to the annual Green Convergence report in mid-July.

Indigenous peoples dismayed by their absence in Sona

Violeta M. Gloria, MindaNews -
Date of publication: 
26 July, 2011

KORONADAL CITY – Delegates to an assembly of indigenous peoples expressed dismay at their being not mentioned in the second State of the Nation Address of President Benigno S.

Tribes to hold SIPA Monday

Date of publication: 
24 July, 2011

BUTUAN CITY, Philippines (PNA) – Leaders and members of the indigenous peoples (IPs) groups in Mindanao have started to gather at the Christ the King Retreat Center (CKRC) in Koronadal City in South Cotabato since Thursday to deliver their State-of-the-Indigenous-People Address (SIPA) – their own version of President Aquino’s State-of-the-Nation Address (SoNA) Monday.

In a press statement, Legal Rights Center (LRC) official Cocoy Rebuta claimed that around 100 key leaders and chieftains from tribal groups – like the Manobo, Mamanwa, T’boli, B’laan, Subanen, Teduray, Higaonon, Ta

Green groups call for green PNoy, solons Urge passage of 3 envi bills

SOS – Yamang Bayan - Sagip GUBAT press release
Date of publication: 
23 July, 2011

“Gawing luntian ang tuwid na daan,” more than two thousand indigenous peoples, farmers, fisherfolks, urban poor, students, church people, and environmentalists asked President Benigno Aquino III yesterday (July 23), two days before his State of the Nation Address (SONA), as they paraded around the Quezon Memorial Circle and held a program in front of the Quezon City Hall.

The Campaign for Land Use Policy Now!, Sagip GUBAT, and SOS-Yamang Bayan networks organized the Green Parade to celebrate the country’s environment and natural resources and call for the immediate passage of the Nation

Sadanga tribe opposes mine in communal forest

Date of publication: 
17 July, 2011

BAGUIO CITY — Standing firm on the community’s united decision and indigenous political systems in protecting their homeland, members of the Sadanga tribe of Mountain Province opposed the latest move of a mining company to explore parts of the virgin forest within their ancestral domain, which serves as the watersource for the ricefields and downstream Chico River.

On the other hand, officials of the local government units of Sadanga said that the mining applicant should consult them for them to know whether the people are infavor or against the said exploration project.

Officers and

Mindanao Tribal Leaders Urge Stoppage Of Large-Scale Mining, Dev't Projects

PNA - &pfn=342957
Date of publication: 
26 April, 2011

DAVAO CITY — Mindanao tribal leaders are calling for the stoppage of large-scale mining activities and other development projects leading to the destruction of ancestral domain, environment, and life.

KALUMARAN, or the Kusog sa Katawhang Lumad sa Mindanao, in a press statement said about 100 tribal leaders made the call at the Datu Bai Conference held at the San Isidro Labrador Parish, Digos City on Monday.

KALUMARAN claimed that large-scale mining, agri-business, and coal fired power plants have encroached in the Lumads’ ancestral lands.

The tribal leaders represented various trib

Why PH needs a national land use code—now

Date of publication: 
20 April, 2011

Various laws that affect farmers, indigenous peoples and companies overlap and confuse

MANILA, Philippines – There are many reasons why the actions of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos continue to scar the nation.

Aquino declares indefinite log ban nationwide

Date of publication: 
3 February, 2011

UPDATED 11:22 p.m. – President Aquino on Thursday ordered a logging moratorium on Philippine national and residual forests to protect and stop the destruction of watersheds and river systems.

Aquino also created a task force to lead the government’s campaign against illegal logging.

Aquino signed Executive Order (EO) 23 and made the announcement during the inauguration of the newly-constructed water treatment plant of Maynilad Water Services, Inc.

Postcard campaign to protect the people of Midsalip

Working Group on Mining in the Philippines
Date of publication: 
1 February, 2011

The following pdf attachments are campaign postcards that have been created to support the Subaanen people of Midsalip, who are facing threats to their land and livelihoods from mining companies (see other articles on this site for more background).

Dear Mr President,

We support the cancellation of all exploration and mining permits for open-pit mineral extraction in the critical watersheds of the Mt Sugarloaf Key Biodiversity Area (No.

Philippines: UNESCO stands by as forests and livelihoods are destroyed on Palawan

Date of publication: 
28 January, 2011

He worked for the protection of his island, its people and natural treasures – but he could not win in his lifetime. Environmental campaigner and radio jouranlist Gerry Ortega was shot dead on 24th January, just as he was leaving his radio station DWAR Palawan.

Tribal Rights Still Being Violated to Favor Mining Interests

Date of publication: 
31 December, 2010

MANILA – For the indigenous peoples in the Philippines, the year 2010 is a continuation of their struggle for land, their right to self-determination and their most basic human rights.

In August, leaders of the Kalipunan ng mga Katutubong Mamamayan ng Pilipinas (KAMP or Alliance of Indigenous Peoples) submitted an indigenous peoples (IP) agenda to President Benigno S. Aquino III.

IPs demand rights, not just consent

Date of publication: 
28 November, 2010

MANILA — The indigenous peoples’ organization Kalipunan ng mga Katutubong Mamamayan ng Pilipinas (KAMP) and indigenous peoples party, KATRIBU Partylist picketed the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), demanding the revocation of mining permits especially in ancestral lands.

DENR secretary Ramon Paje announced during the National Mine Environment Conference held in Baguio City last Saturday that President Noynoy Aquino “supports mining” but is tiptoeing in issues of Free, Prior, and Informed Consent (FPIC) process enshrined in the Indigenous People’s Rights Act

Indigenous Women's Legislative Agenda of Surigao del Sur

IP Women Gathering, Surigao del Sur
Date of publication: 
23 October, 2010

In Celebration of the Indigenous Peoples Month, will share the Indigenous Women’s Legislative Agenda of Surigao del Sur

IP Women Gathering
Diocesan Pastoral Center
Tandag, Surigao del Sur

The Indigenous Peoples Women of the towns of Carrascal, Cantilan, Tandag, and San Miguel Surigao del Sur are Aware of the worsening state of our source of survival which affects our role as women in asset and resource governance of our respective sovereign territories.

Recognizing that indigenous peoples particularly the women are vulnerable to the effects of environmental degradation brought by th

Manobos, Mamanwa ask ancestors’ spirits for help vs logging firm

Date of publication: 
18 October, 2010

LANUZA, Surigao del Sur—The Mamanwa and Manobo tribes in Surigao del Sur are leaving no stones unturned in an effort to stop a logging company from cutting trees in their ancestral domain—legally protesting and petitioning the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP), the Department of Environment and Natural Resources and even performing rituals to “awaken” the spirits of their ancestors and asking God to help in their struggle against “the encroachment of a mining firm on their ancestral land.”

Datu Bidao, the Manobo tribe’s chieftain and babaylan (spiritual leader

Mamanwa and Manobo tribes oppose logging inside their ancestral domain

By Nokie Calunsag, Green Mindanao Association, Inc.
Date of publication: 
6 October, 2010

LANUZA, SURIGAO DEL SUR—Calling for the stoppage of logging in their ancestral domain, members of the Kahugpongan Tribung Mamanwa—Manobo (KATRIMMA) trooped last week to Sibahay, Lanuza, Surigao del Sur and to the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP) office in Tandag.

Sibahay is the site of the logging camp of the Ventura Timber Corporation (VTC) which has signed an Integrated Forestry Management Agreement (IFMA) with the Department of Environment andNatural Resources (DENR).

The IFMA, approved on Feb.

IPs block roads leading to logging company in Surigao Sur

Noel B. Najarro, PIA Press Release -
Date of publication: 
10 September, 2010

Buatuan City — Undetermined number of indigenous people believed to be belonging to Manobo tribes established barricades and blocked the concession roads of the Surigao Development Corporation (SUDECOR), early morning, Monday at Sitio Gacub, Brgy. Hinapoyan, Carmen, Surigao del Sur.

The indigenous people’s action according to police reports from Surigao del Sur police, prevented the logging trucks from passing the concession area going to the company’s main office at Brgy.

NCIP Useless in Protecting Indigenous Rights

LRC-KSK Press Release
Date of publication: 
18 August, 2010

This is a classic case of the National Commission on the Indigeous Peoples (NCIP) which is mandated to protect the rights of the indigenous peoples from the ancestral territories as enshrined by the Indigenous Peoples Rights Act (IPRA) or R.A. 8371.

The Mamanwa tribe of Surigao del Sur asked help from the provincial officer to intervene in the on-going forcible entry of the Ventura Timber Corporation (VTC) in the mountains of Tandag, Cortez, and Lanuza, all in the province of Surigao del Sur.

Lumads hit ‘deception’ in carbon trading, demand ‘climate justice

Keith Bacongco - MindaNews
Date of publication: 
12 July, 2010

DAVAO CITY – Lumads or indigenous peoples belonging to 12 tribes in Mindanao’s southern provinces have declared their opposition to what they call the deceptive nature of treaty-based schemes to reduce carbon emissions, saying these are being promoted by countries that are being accused as the main culprits of climate change.

In a manifesto sent to media, the Lumads cited in particular the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation Plus (REDD+).

The CDM is one of the “flexibility mechanisms” defined in the 1991 Kyoto Protoco

Alternative Law Groups (ALG) commends the Supreme Court for issuing the New Rules of Procedure for Environmental Cases

Alternative Law Groups (ALG) Press Release
Date of publication: 
22 April, 2010

The Alternative Law Groups (ALG) commends the Supreme Court for issuing the New Rules of Procedure for Environmental Cases just before the Earth Day Celebration. The new rule will be effective on April 29, 2010.

“The new rules would greatly help in the immediate resolution of cases as the high court has provided new remedies for the protection of the environment and new rules that are expected to facilitate the resolution of these cases”, said Atty. Marlon Manuel, coordinator of ALG.

Misamis Oriental Largest Illegal Logging is still Unresolved

Date of publication: 
21 April, 2010

Berting Pinagawa, a Higaonon farmer has to walk almost 40 kilometers to the downtown of Gingoog City, Misamis Oriental to account his testimony to a priest on the massive cutting of trees inside their ancestral territory. His account led the 25,000 residents calling the immediate cancellation of the Integrated Forest Management Agreement (IFMA) issued to Southwood Timber Corporation (STC) covering 11,476 hectares.

After the initial sign-on petition were filed at the Sangguniang Panglungsod of Gingoog City, he was murdered in the eve of December 24, 2009 in Sitio Papataon, Brgy.

Environmental activists laud Supreme Court's issuance of Writ of Kalikasan as an early Earth Day gift

Kalikasan PNE Press Release
Date of publication: 
15 April, 2010

Environmental groups have reason to celebrate Earth day as the Supreme Court (SC) on Tuesday issued the Rules of Procedure for Environmental Cases, the rules and regulation which will govern the procedure in legal actions involving enforcement or violations of environmental and related laws.

“We commend the SC for issuing an ‘environment-friendly’ Rules of Procedure. This early Earth Day reward is a result of grassroots communities’ arduous and untiring struggle to protect the environment and natural resources and uphold their basic rights,” said Clemente Bautista Jr.

Groups question Arroyo conservation award

Christian V. Esguerra, Philippine Daily Inquirer -
Date of publication: 
8 April, 2010

MANILA, Philippines—-President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo is set to fly to the United States next week to attend the Nuclear Security Summit in Washington, D.C., where she will also receive the International Conservation Award from the International Conservation Caucus Foundation (ICCF).

Ms Arroyo will be conferred the award during formal rites at the US Congress on April 14.

An alliance of local environmental groups and religious organizations, however, has expressed its “absolute opposition” to Ms Arroyo’s being so honored.

Barrage of mining operations feared to make Caraga a 'ghost region'

PIA Press Release -
Date of publication: 
5 April, 2010

Butuan City – Shortening the time in acquiring mining permits in the country is both bad and sad news for communities protecting environment and will bring sooner the Philippine’s Mining Capital, Caraga Region, lived up to its name — a ghost region.

Environmental groups claimed that the barrage of mining activities in Caraga Region had made some portions of the once high, towering and mighty “Red Mountain” in the boundary of Surigao provinces an instant “swimming pool”.

Canadian expert eyes entrepreneur boot camp for RP lumads

Ben Serrano, PIA -
Date of publication: 
22 February, 2010

Surigao City - Claiming it is the only means to achieve sustainable Community-Based Enterprise (CBE) for Indigenous People in the Philippines, Canada's University of Manitoba Research Fellow Mavis McRae recommends establishment of entrepreneur boot camp.

SC rushes promulgation of rules for writ of kalikasan

Source: -
Date of publication: 
31 January, 2010

MANILA, Philippines – The Supreme Court (SC) is now rushing the promulgation of the rules governing the issuance of the “writ of kalikasan,” which is expected to hasten the resolution of environmental cases.

Speaking before members of Philippine-Australian Alumni Association Inc.

Alsons’ bioethanol project a threat to food security

Date of publication: 
29 January, 2010

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY —Alcantara and Sons Consolidated Resources, Inc.’s (Alsons) bioethanol plant project in the hinterland barangays here is a big threat to this city’s food security program.

This as the city land use plan (CLUP) for Year 2000 of Cagayan de Oro stated that land devoted to crop cultivation is only 22 percent or 4,529 hectares of the city’s total land area.

Cagayan de Oro only has 20,646 hectares of agricultural land left, the CLUP 2000 said.

Carl Cesar Rebuta, team leader of the Cagayan de Oro City office of the Legal Rights and Natural Resources Center-Kasam

Lumad Cry for Justice for the Death of Anti-Logging Leader

Legal Rights and Natural Resources Center (LRC-KsK) Press Release
Date of publication: 
27 December, 2009

Gingoog City, Misamis Oriental – Early morning of December 24th, Alberto “Berting” Pinagawa, a Higaonon anti-logging leader hiked from his house in Sitio Muyo, Brgy. Minalwang, Claveria, Misamis Oriental together with his 13 year old nephew to Brgy. Eureka, Gingoog City to catch for a “habal-habal” ride in time for the family Christmas get-together in Brgy. Kalipayan, Gingoog City.

While in Sitio Papataon, Brgy. Eureka, assailants blocked his way and violently fired at least 20 shots of high a powered gun which shattered his body, abdomen and his right arm.

Philippine climate activists outraged at outcome of Copenhagen climate talks

Philippines Climate Watch Alliance Press Release
Date of publication: 
20 December, 2009

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK (19 DECEMBER 2009)- Climate activists from the Philippines express their dismay and opposition to the non-binding Copenhagen Accord and the adoption made by the Philippine government for it in the recent concluded 15th Conference of Parties (COP 15) in Copenhagen.

“We saw it coming. Based on the earlier pronouncements of the US officials before the COP 15, the US and other rich industrial countries are working for a non-binding international climate agreement,” says Mr.

Fugitive tribal leader gets 'green award'

Jeffrey M. Tupas, Philippine Daily Inquirer -
Date of publication: 
19 December, 2009

DAVAO CITY, Philippines—-Deep in the forests of Talaingod in Davao del Norte, Ata-Manobo Datu Guibang Apoga, obviously through an assistant, could only send a text message to express how he and his people valued environment.

“For us, nature is like our mother and father who provide us with everything we need … life, food and other things essential for us to survive,” said the message in Bisaya. It was read by a representative who received the award on his behalf during the ceremony on Dec.

12000 Signatures calling to cancel the “Legal Logging Permit” in Gingoog City

Legal Rights and Natural Resources Center-Kasama sa Kalikasan/Friends of the Earth (LRC-KsK/FoE) release
Date of publication: 
18 December, 2009

Gingoog City, Misamis Oriental – The insurmountable calamities and political tragedies which have battered our country has left our country in a dismal state. In the aftermath of the events of the floods Ondoy and Pepeng alone, thousands of Filipinos are left without homes and grieving over loved ones, whether they were actually lost or found. In the local scenario, the people of Misamis Oriental are no stranger to these calamities.

Ex-militiamen take villagers hostage in S. Philippines

Associated Press -
Date of publication: 
11 December, 2009

MANILA — Government-armed former militiamen accused of murder and banditry kidnapped more than 70 villagers and children Thursday from a southern Philippines village, demanding that charges be dropped against them before they would free the hostages.

The abductions raised fresh questions about the government’s long-standing policy of arming civilian volunteers to protect against insurgencies. The day before, 100 other militiamen in the south were added to the list of those accused of slaughtering civilians in the country’s worst political massacre.

7 environment workers reported missing in Mindanao

Mindanao Examiner -
Date of publication: 
21 October, 2009

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY, Philippines —- The Philippine military said it was verifying reports Wednesday that seven environment workers went missing in the hinterlands of Mindanao.
The seven are employees of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources who were manning a checkpoint in Butuan City in Agusan del Norte province.
“We have contacted two army battalions in the area to check on the reports, but so far we have not received anything about those reported missing in Butuan,” Major Michelle Anayron, a regional army spokesman, told the Mindanao Examiner.
The area is a known lair

Lumads stage State of Indigenous Peoples' Address

Violeta M. Gloria/MindaNews -
Date of publication: 
28 July, 2009

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY (MindaNews/July 27, 2009)— As the entire country focused on the ninth State of the Nation Address (SONA) of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, 85 indigenous peoples’ leaders in Mindanao gathered for a three-day conference on the State of the Indigenous Peoples Address (SIPA) on July 26 to 28 at Manresa Retreat House here.

Facts on nation's environment speak louder than politicians' claims-- green groups

Kalikasan-PNE Press Statement
Date of publication: 
28 July, 2009

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources was quick to attack the assessment of environmental activists that environmental degradation and natural resource depletion aggravated during the term of President Arroyo.

Higaonons save forests of Bukidnon

By Ma. Cecilia Rodriguez, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Date of publication: 
19 April, 2009

OUT THERE IN THE WILDS IN the last forest covers of Mindanao live the “katomtumanodan,” the spirits who are the real protectors of Earth. So the Higaonons believe.

Asserting the sanctity of nature, indigenous peoples have embarked on an initiative to preserve the Kimangkil forest corridor that spans almost 14,000 hectares of watershed areas bordering four provinces in Mindanao.

Through a pact sealed by the “Mintapod Declaration,” five major Higaonon tribal councils swear to unite in protecting the sacred mountains of Kimangkil, Balatukan, Kalanawan, Pamalihi and Sumagaya.

Conserving the Mt Kimangkil Forest Corridor: an example of Higaonon ecological and cultural advocacy

Forest Corridor Conference Press Release
Date of publication: 
1 April, 2009

Cagayan de Oro City – The Higaonon are the first peoples, the original peoples of Northern Mindanao. Through generations they have been able to assert their rights to cultural integrity and maintain ecological stability. This concept becomes all the more clear if one takes a closer look at the intact forest ecosystems of the Higaonon in Bukidnon, especially in the areas surrounding Mount Kimangkil.

The Higaonon residing in and around Mt. Kimangkil form a corridor of ancestral domains with good quality forests.

ADB Chico, Agno forest aid futile as Mine applications blanket Cordillera

Date of publication: 
1 March, 2009

BAGUIO CITY — Community elders and environmental groups in the region branded the Asian Development Bank (ADB)-funded reforestation projects of the Agno and Chico Rivers’ watersheds as an exercise in futility.

Cordillera Elders’ Alliance (CEA) and Benguet Mining Action Alert Network (BMAAN) hit the project that is supposed to protect the watersheds as useless, because the government also allows mining applications that threaten to destroy these watersheds.

The watersheds for the Chico and Agno Rivers were among the forest areas in the country which would be financed by the $80 mill

Letter to DENR Secretary to Correct the Facts on the Gingoog Case

Ecology Care (ECO-CARE) and Legal Rights and Natural Resources Center –Kasama sa Kalikasan/Friends of the Earth-Philippines
Date of publication: 
25 January, 2009

Archdiocese of Cagayan de Oro City (ACDO) Ecology Care (ECO-CARE) and Legal Rights and Natural Resources Center –Kasama sa Kalikasan/Friends of the Earth-Philippines
25 January 2009
DENR Secretary
DENR Compound, Visayas Ave., Diliman,
Quezon City
Dear sir:
Congratulation as the new DENR Secretary!
The Growing cry of the people of Gingoog City on the logging issue and the fear of any flashflood that would hit again in the village as the cutting of trees in the remaining forest of Gingoog and Claveria continued as of this writing.
This letter is a response

The war of Bae Bibiyaon Likayan Bigkay

By Jeffrey M. Tupas, Inquirer
Date of publication: 
28 October, 2007

DAVAO CITY, Philippines—She riffled through the pages of the Inquirer,
her hand steady and careful, and hurriedly flipped back to the front
page and stared at the photos.

Bae Bibiyaon Likayan Bigkay recognized the images: the man was “Pek’yeo”
while the woman between two Indian officials was “Ori’yeo.”

Slowly chewing a betel nut—traces of being a longtime partner evident in
her lips—the Ata-Manobo chieftain from the hinterlands of Bukidnon said
she admired Pek’yeo because the man fought well. Pek’yeo is Filipino

Church and Government Leader Calls TVI Pacific a 'liar'

By Tito Natividad Fiel, DIOPIM Committee on Mining Issues (DCMI)
Date of publication: 
11 November, 2006

Dipolog City – The Canadian mining company TVI Pacific has been portraying itself as a responsible miner, not just in the Philippines, but all over the world. However this image has been ruined when the highest church leader in the province of Zamboanga Del Norte has accused it recently of being a ‘liar company.’

A Failed Promise - The Dumingag Case

By Ellen Red Inside Mindanao, Published in Mindanao Monitor
Date of publication: 
1 November, 2006

Dumingag, Zamboanga Del Sur – Reforestation was promised by logging companies to the people in this town. This never happened.

This time, with the promise of responsible mining of TVI Minerals Processing, Inc., the people in this town are wary; while others are downright saying not to the planned entry of the mining company. “Based on our experience, the areas that were destroyed by logging never again regained its former appearance and state. What more with mining where the mountain itself will be destroyed?”

Over 2600 Participate in an Anti-Mining Caravan which Culminates in Dipolog City

by Maryanne Mutch, DCMI
Date of publication: 
17 June, 2005

Canatuan residents report that TVI mine tailings are leaking into their creeks.

Date of publication: 
4 May, 2005

DCMI has recently heard reports from the community on Canatuan that mine tailings from TVI’s operations have been leaking out into the Lumot Creek. This creek runs into the Lituban River which, in turn, runs into the Siocon River and to the coastal area.

Mining Conference Declaration: repeal Mining Act, enact new law, declare moratorium

Mindanao Declaration: repeal Mining Act, enact new law, declare moratorium

By Carolyn O.

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