Human Rights-Militarisation

Over 2600 Participate in an Anti-Mining Caravan which Culminates in Dipolog City

by Maryanne Mutch, DCMI
Date of publication: 
17 June, 2005

A Failed Promise - The Dumingag Case

By Ellen Red Inside Mindanao, Published in Mindanao Monitor
Date of publication: 
1 November, 2006

Dumingag, Zamboanga Del Sur – Reforestation was promised by logging companies to the people in this town. This never happened.

This time, with the promise of responsible mining of TVI Minerals Processing, Inc., the people in this town are wary; while others are downright saying not to the planned entry of the mining company. “Based on our experience, the areas that were destroyed by logging never again regained its former appearance and state. What more with mining where the mountain itself will be destroyed?”

Church and Government Leader Calls TVI Pacific a 'liar'

By Tito Natividad Fiel, DIOPIM Committee on Mining Issues (DCMI)
Date of publication: 
11 November, 2006

Dipolog City – The Canadian mining company TVI Pacific has been portraying itself as a responsible miner, not just in the Philippines, but all over the world. However this image has been ruined when the highest church leader in the province of Zamboanga Del Norte has accused it recently of being a ‘liar company.’

The war of Bae Bibiyaon Likayan Bigkay

By Jeffrey M. Tupas, Inquirer
Date of publication: 
28 October, 2007

DAVAO CITY, Philippines—She riffled through the pages of the Inquirer,
her hand steady and careful, and hurriedly flipped back to the front
page and stared at the photos.

Bae Bibiyaon Likayan Bigkay recognized the images: the man was “Pek’yeo”
while the woman between two Indian officials was “Ori’yeo.”

Slowly chewing a betel nut—traces of being a longtime partner evident in
her lips—the Ata-Manobo chieftain from the hinterlands of Bukidnon said
she admired Pek’yeo because the man fought well. Pek’yeo is Filipino