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This section lists the companies, primarily mining companies, who are of interest to Philippine Indigenous Peoples - mainly because they are operating on their lands. The companies are listed by alphabetical order.

Saving the Forests and the Creation

Date of publication: 
16 February, 2011

There are inspiring, wonderfully brave people who are risking their lives to protect the land, hills, forests, rivers and streams from the loggers, mining companies and tree cutters in the Philippines. A few weeks ago, I mentioned the courageous people of Midsalip in Mindanao and the Columban Missionaries standing with them in prayer and trust.

Lumads ask Bayog officials to name mining firms with conflicting claims

Violeta M. Gloria - http://mindanews.com/main/2011/01/29/lumads-ask-bayog-officials-to-name-mining-firms-with-conflicting-claims/
Date of publication: 
29 January, 2011

BAYOG, Zamboanga del Sur (MindaNews/28 January) — Indigenous communities here have asked the local government to reveal the identities of companies that have conflicting mining claims in this town.

Timuay Lucenio Manda, barangay chairperson of Conacon, raised the question after municipal officials said that aside from failing to comply with legal requirements, some companies have conflicting mining claims that cover portions of the Lumads’ 30,000-hectare ancestral domain.

In a mining forum here Wednesday town officials warned they would declare various mining companies illegal for al

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