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This section lists the companies, primarily mining companies, who are of interest to Philippine Indigenous Peoples - mainly because they are operating on their lands. The companies are listed by alphabetical order.

Investigating mining pollution and plunder in Nueva Vizcaya

By Karl Begnotea, -
Date of publication: 
5 October, 2014

The abundant natural resources and biologically diverse ecosystems of the province of Nueva Vizcaya, known as the Watershed Haven of Cagayan Valley, are greatly imperiled by foreign large-scale mining and militarization.

I witnessed this environmental disaster slowly unfolding as part of an Environmental Investigative Mission (EIM) last April 2014, along with fellow scientists from the Advocates of Science & Technology for the People (AGHAM), and local environmental advocates from the Alyansa ng Nagkakaisang Novo Vizcayano para sa Kalikasan (ANNVIK).

There are two transnational corporati

Palawan tribes go cyber to keep out nickel mineral

Melody Kemp -
Date of publication: 
10 December, 2011

PALAWAN – When big global mining companies set their sights on the Philippine island of Palawan, one of the world’s remaining ecological hotspots and home to many traditional tribes, little did they suspect their China-backed, billion-dollar extraction plans would be met by social media-fueled resistance.

Indigenous people in Palawan have organized globally to raise awareness about their plight and to save their ancestral lands from planned large-scale mining.

Chinese Investors Face Angry Crowd of Protesters on Palawan Island

Date of publication: 
11 November, 2011

Indigenous peoples and farmers gathered in Brooke’s Point city this week to protest against another mining threat on Palawan Island. Ancestral Land/Domain Watch (ALDAW) reports.

On 10 November, indigenous peoples and farmers led by people’s organizations such as ALDAW gathered in Brooke’s Point city proper to protest against the mining plans of the Jinchuan Group Ltd. ( The company has signed a memorandum of agreement with MacroAsia Corporation for joint investments in Palawan, estimated to reach $1 billion.

Group seeks mining ban in ancestral lands

Paolo Romero, The Philippine Star -
Date of publication: 
9 June, 2011

MANILA, Philippines – Leaders of an indigenous people’s (IP) group from Palawan sought yesterday to stop the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP) from issuing permits to mining companies encroaching on ancestral lands in the province.

Tribal leaders belonging to the Ancestral Land/Domain Watch (ALDAW) Indigenous Network trooped to the House of Representatives yesterday and met with some congressional leaders to seek their support in stopping mining activities in ancestral lands in Palawan and other parts of the country.

The group, led by ALDAW chairman Artiso Mandawa, met w

Signatures as a declaration of war

CTALK By Cito Beltran, The Philippine Star -
Date of publication: 
9 March, 2011

In the old days, when people gathered or collected signatures, it often meant that they were collecting support for a campaign or a petition, usually addressed at local government officials.

Today, when influential citizens, associations and corporations band together to collect signatures, it is for all intents and purposes “a Declaration of War”.

That in effect is what is happening as no less than Gina Lopez of the powerful ABS-CBN group, alongside lawyers, NGOs, private citizens as well as corporations and media have banded together to gather 10 million signatures to put an end to

Aquino stops new mining applications in Palawan

Redempto Anda, Inquirer Southern Luzon -
Date of publication: 
10 February, 2011

PUERTO PRINCESA CITY, Philippines—The government will stop entertaining new applications for mining in metals-rich Palawan and will heed the demand of a group that recently launched a campaign to gather at least 10 million signatures to put a stop to mining in the province.

In a statement following a visit to the world famous Underground River, north of Puerto Princesa City on Wednesday, President Aquino said the government will no longer process more than 300 applications for mining claims pending at the Bureau of Mines of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.


Environmental activists, students, and journalists demand justice for Dr. Ortega at DOJ picket

Kalikasan PNE Press Release
Date of publication: 
28 February, 2011

Environmental activist group Kalikasan People’s Network for the Environment, College Editors Guild, League of Filipino Students and Hustiya! held a picket at the Department of Justice (DOJ) preliminary hearing on Dr. Ortega’s slay to support his family and to demand swift justice.

“Justice is being delayed. Thirty four (34) days have already passed. Despite the strong evidences pointing to the alleged mastermind, no arrests have been made,” says Clemente Bautista, Jr., national coordinator of Kalikasan PNE.

Palawan broadcaster and environmentalist Dr.

Philippines: UNESCO stands by as forests and livelihoods are destroyed on Palawan

Date of publication: 
28 January, 2011

He worked for the protection of his island, its people and natural treasures – but he could not win in his lifetime. Environmental campaigner and radio jouranlist Gerry Ortega was shot dead on 24th January, just as he was leaving his radio station DWAR Palawan.

Groups Urge Noynoy to Act on Killing of Palawan Environmentalist-Broadcaster

Date of publication: 
25 January, 2011

NUJP challenged President Aquino to make good on his pledge to solve the killings of journalists while others say authorities should go beyond the robbery angle that the police initially announced, considering that Dr. Gerry Ortega was also an environmental activist.

MANILA – Various media groups, environmental and youth organizations denounced today the killing of Dr.

Palawan Biosphere Reserve Shouldn't Be Open For Business

Date of publication: 
26 July, 2010

Nearly two months ago, 600 farmers and Indigenous people came together in Puerto Princesa on Palawan Island to urge the Provincial government not to endorse the proposed mining plans of MacroAsia and Ipilan Nickel Corporation (INC).

Thankfully, the government ended up agreeing with the protesters, at least in part, stating that there should be a full investigation before they can decide whether or not they should endorse the mining plans.

PCSD Endorsement to MacroAsia Multi-Billion Giant Deferred: An Initial Victory for NGOs and Indigenous Peoples

ALDAW Network
Date of publication: 
31 July, 2010

On July 30, over 20 members of the Palawan Council for Sustainable Development (PCSD) – a local government body in charge of the protection and sustainable management of the Province meet to decide whether to issue a SEP (Strategic Environmental Plan) clearance to the mining operations of MacroAsia Corporation (MAC for brevity) with reference to a 91ha area, out of the approved Mineral Production Sharing Agreement area of over 1300 hectares.

Groups demand transparency in Palawan mine community dealings

Alyansa Tigil Mina (ATM) Press Release
Date of publication: 
23 March, 2010

MANILA, Philippines — Alyansa Tigil Mina (ATM), an advocacy group on environmental and human rights issues and people’s movement composed of more than eighty (80) organizations from mining-affected communities and civil society organizations nationwide, demands transparency in community dealings of MacroAsia Nickel Corporation in Brooke’s Point, Palawan.

It was reported by mining affected communities in Brooke’s Point that MacroAsia conducted a closed door focus group discussion (FGD) exclusive to its pro-mining allies held at the Palawan State University (PSU) on Saturday, March 20.

Groups slam 'joint forces' of DENR and 2 mining firms in Palawan

ATM Press Release
Date of publication: 
15 March, 2010

MANILA, Philippines — Alyansa Tigil Mina (ATM), an advocacy group on environmental and human rights issues and people’s movement composed of more than eighty (80) organizations from mining-affected communities and civil society organizations nationwide, slam the joint public scoping consultation of MacroAsia Corporation and Ipilan Nickel Corporation (INC) facilitated by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) held at Barangay Mambalot, Brooke’s point, Palawan on Saturday, March 13.

Toledo Mining hit by off-take cancellation from Berong mine

Date of publication: 
11 November, 2009

Toledo Mining, the AIM listed nickel mining company working in the Philippines, has been hit by news that one of the buyers of nickel laterite ore from its Berong mine has terminated its contract.

Toledo’s 56.1%-owned Berong Nickel Corporation (BNC) has received notice from Queensland Nickel Pty Ltd to cancel a contract under which Queensland is required to buy a minimum of 300,000 wet metric tons of nickel laterite ore per year from BNC until mid-2012.

BNC is apparently disputing the notice of termination and has instructed its legal advisors to consider all available remedies.

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