Cordillera women wage battle vs. profit driven energy projects

Date of publication: 
12 March, 2014

BAGUIO CITY – In celebration of the International Women’s Day, women from all over the region gathered in this city for a summit to amplify their position against profit-driven energy projects that has destroyed and are threatening their land, food and rights.

The testimonies of women from provinces affected by the said projects on March 8, 2014 speak of an old story that says:

“Maibus iti kuwarta, ngem saan iti daga; Ti bunga iti daga awan ti patinggana ay ay; Kakailian kitaen yo, saan tayo a paloko; Umanay a pagsarmingan, nakalkaldaang kapadasan ay ay…Iti biag mi ket simple, pa

Philippines: Indigenous Women: Defending land and resources against Chevron’s geothermal project

Date of publication: 
10 January, 2014

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Indigenous women in the Cordillera played a significant role in the history of the indigenous peoples struggle for land, food and rights. Ibaloi women took part in rolling boulders to block the entry of Spanish conquistadores in their several gold expeditions. Women of Mainit, Bontoc bared their breasts to drive mine prospectors in the early 1970’s.