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This section lists the companies, primarily mining companies, who are of interest to Philippine Indigenous Peoples - mainly because they are operating on their lands. The companies are listed by alphabetical order.

Toledo Mining to contest BHPB demurrage claim on Berong Nickel

Date of publication: 
23 August, 2009

Toledo Mining said that diversified miner BHP Billiton had lodged a claim for demurrage, after bad weather delayed a shipment of ore from the Berong mine in the Philippines to the Yabulu refinery in Australia.

However, Toledo said that the demurrage amount was being contested by Berong Nickel Corporation, which had declared a force majeure during the ship loading. Toledo said that even taking into account BHP’s claim, the ore shipment was still cash positive to Berong.

Toledo Mining slashes nickel output, cuts jobs

Date of publication: 
9 February, 2009

LONDON – Toledo Mining responded to falling nickel prices by slashing production of the metal at its Berong mine in the Philippines.

In the quarter to December 31, only 16,279 tonnes of ore was mined, compared with 345,005 tonnes over the third quarter.

Toledo said production had temporarily ceased at Berong, with the loss of more than 600 jobs.

“Production was reduced in response to the increasing stock levels, deteriorating markets and onset of the non-shipping window,” Toledo said, adding that rough sea conditions make shipping ore difficult between October and February.


Atienza imposes moratorium in the processing of mining applications in south Palawan

Date of publication: 
2 February, 2009

Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Secretary Lito Atienza today (Jan. 31) ordered a moratorium on the processing of new mining applications in southern Palawan .

Secretary Atienza’s order was in response to the request of the Palawan Council for Sustainable Development (PCSD) to impose a moratorium on the acceptance and processing of new mining applications, including small-scale mining, pending the declaration of the 120,000-hectare Mt. Mantalingahan as a protected area.

“ Mt.

Appeal from academics over the implications of mining activities in Palawan

Strategic Environmental Plan for Palawan, Towards Sustainable Development, Prepared by the Palawan Integrated Area Development Project Office with the assistance of Hunting Technical Services Limited England in association with the Orient Integrated Development Consultants, Inc., Philippines and Sir Mac Donald and Partners, England
Date of publication: 
15 September, 2008

Her Excellency President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo President, Republic of the Philippines

Honorable Joselito Atienza Secretary, Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR)

Honorable Joel T.

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