Al Magan Mining and Exploration Co. (AMMEC)

This section lists the companies, primarily mining companies, who are of interest to Philippine Indigenous Peoples - mainly because they are operating on their lands. The companies are listed by alphabetical order.

Mining on Mount Pulag - Village folk resist illegal deals, ‘bribes’ for leaders

Arthur L. Allad-Iw And Harley F. Palangchao Philippine Center For Investigative Journalism -
Date of publication: 
27 March, 2009

BOKOD, Benguet: As Lakay Felipe Leano recalled it, newly planted rice seedlings in his village in Bobok-Bisal, Bokod, had shri­veled and died soon after a major Philippine mining firm began exploring for gold and other metals in the area.

The company denied having caused the drying up of a local creek that had helped irrigate Bokod rice fields.

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